Technical Conditions

Drawing in Motion for adults and children from 8 years+
My Little Eye Pet for families and children from 3 years+

Basic informations:

Black Box Space for performance: minimum 5 m deep x 6 m wide, 3,10 m high Electrical connection 230 V Sound system with XLR or cinch input Small table for two iPads and chair for the artist on the stage Duration of Drawing in Motion is 55 minutes without break Duration for My Little Eye Pet 40 minutes without break

Stage setting information:

We will bring: projector, 2 iPads, cables, sound cables, props, masks and puppets, professional screen 4 X 3 m.

The items which we have to clarify:

Attachment options for the screen:

hang the screen attached to the ceiling lean the screen attached to the wall stand the screen held by stands from the back


optimal are rising seats in case of one level seating we need podest of 60 80 cm height







Rafael Zwischenraum