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Doggie and Kitty

Puppettheatre based on Josef Čapek - for families and children from 2 years+

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Doggie and Kitty live together in their own little house. They want to do everything just like the grown-up people. But thatīs not all that easy, if youīve only got paws and claws instead of hands and fingers. And so they wash the floor with whatever they have – using each other as a scrubbing brush and floor-cloth.       -     How do you think they will do the laundry, then and dry it?
An original play with Czech tabletop puppets and real water.

This show is a version of "Doggie and Kitty". Itīs not a new story but itīs different. Thereīs told only the first story "How Doggie and Kitty Washed the Floor" to make it shorter and open it for children in the age of 2 years+.



Play, Music, Technics:

Ralf Lücke


Kristiane Balsevicius


Michaela Bartoňová, Antonin Müller


Michaela Bartoňová, Ralf Lücke


Supported by the Czech-German Fonds of Future and ŠkodaAuto Germany







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