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Water and Soap

Tepid Monkey Fonts

Doggie and Kitty

Puppettheatre based on Josef Čapek - for families and children from 2 years+

Foto©Katharina Stillisch

Doggie and Kitty live together in their own little house. They want to do everything just like the grown-up people. But that´s not all that easy, if you´ve only got paws and claws instead of hands and fingers. And so they wash the floor with whatever they have – using each other as a scrubbing brush and floor-cloth. How do you think they will do the laundry, then  -  and dry it?
An original play with Czech tabletop puppets and real water.
This show is a version of "Doggie and Kitty". It´s not a new story but it´s different. There´s told only the first story "How Doggie and Kitty Washed the Floor" to make it shorter and open it for children in the age of 2 years+.

Foto©Gerhard Wistuba



Play, Music, Technics:

Ralf Lücke



Kristiane Balsevicius

open gallery  




Michaela Bartoňová, Antonin Müller


Michaela Bartoňová, Ralf Lücke


Supported by the Czech-German Fonds of Future and ŠkodaAuto Germany







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