Wintertime with Doggie and Kitty, Theater Rafael Zwischenraum

Doggie and Kitty
Puppettheatre inspired by Josef Čapek for children from 3 years+

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Technical conditions

Doggie and Kitty want to do everything just like grown-up people. But this can be rather hindering - for instance when you are wrapped up warm. How you can rampage around then? The raven, tickled pink about them, helps them for frolicsome play. However, Kitties pleasure descends with wetness and cold. But Doggie knows: When there´s snow outside, people make themselves comfortable. They sit together inside with candle light and fir tree giving each other presents.
Well, ... but Doggie and Kitty never got a present ...        Something must be done!

For whole family and chidren from 2 years+.

Play, Music, Technic: Ralf Lücke
Words and Deeds: Kristiane Balsevicius
Puppets. Michaela Bartoňová, Antonin Müller
Idea: Michaela Bartoňová, Ralf Lücke






Rafael Zwischenraum