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Round the World

     in a Tea Kettle

Puppettheatre for people from 4 to 94

Puppet performance inspired by a story of Edward Lear

On the stage the audience can see actors - two painters, who create the puppets. First drawn on paper they become real then. Live-painting taken by camera and projected to the screen, gives a scenery backdrop and light for shadow plays at the same time.
Edward Lear was an English writer, traveller and illustrator, best known for his nonsense poems and prose. But Lear is most famous for his absurd and funny short limerics which he popularised and which inspired our production.
We have based our ideas on his account of the travels of Kudykam and Tudytam who went around the world in a tea-kettle. The two chaps visit many obscure places: an island with sleeping parrots, a fruit drop tree, a blue bottle tower with blue bottle flies ... The absurd fantasy surrounding their visits become in the hands of the puppeteers visual limerics in the spirit of Edward Lear.
As we perform we play, we draw and we create. Images and pictures, puppets and shadows all merge as humour turns into surprise, accompanied by joyful music. Both young and old will enjoy our absurd world of make believe as we play with the audience and make things up on the spot just for fun.
The show can be played in Czech, German or English language.

Technical Conditions

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    Photographs: Michaela Bartoňová






Rafael Zwischenraum