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Wood Wide Web

A dreamy journey into the invisible world of trees, roots and mushrooms
Live painting, shadow play, music and the story of little Suzanne

Fascinating things can be seen underground:
Different colors, animals, fibers and also: ... that the roots of trees touch each other! Little Suzanne is deeply impressed and sets off on the long journey to understand how the trees live and talk together.
After 20 years of studying and experimenting, she has shown that trees can exchange nutrients and communicate with each other even over long distances. Mushrooms play a decisive role in this.
For this exciting excursion into the nano-world and the root networks of the forest, painted in fabulous images, we were inspired by the books of the forester and author Peter Wohlleben and the impressive work of the Canadian forest engineer Suzanne Simard.

For families and children of 4 years +                    watch more photographs

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    photographs:     Michaela Bartoňová, Ralf Lücke

The Team:


Mark Pitman

idea, drawing on iPad, conception:

Michaela Bartoňová


Michal Kořán, Ralf Lücke

puppets, stage:

Michaela Bartoňová

acting, speaker:

Ralf Lücke


Tineola Theater, Prag; Theater Rafael Zwischenraum, Berlin






Rafael Zwischenraum