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Wood Wide Web
A dreamy look into the nano world below the forest surface

Visual theater processing of the invisible world of tree roots and fungi.
Live painting, shadow play, music and the story of little Suzanne.

She was fascinated by the soil in the forest, and most of all the tree roots touched. After 20 years of study and experimentation, she proved that trees communicate with each other. Mushrooms help them a lot, even sending out reports about changes in the ecosystem to other trees.Forest is a cooperating system.Plants transmit and receive. What they pass on is not just nutrition, sugars, water. Trees recognize relatives and support it in the first place.Mother tree, has a very important function in the forest and lives in symbiosis with mushrooms that work as postmen, warehouse workers, or miners. They work together to create balance in the forest. If we understand their social system, which is remarkably reminiscent of the Internet network, we could take care of forests better. The performance is intended to stimulate discussions with children in families and schools. We found inspiration in Peter Wohlleben's books - and in Suzanne Simard's work.

For families and children of 3 years +


    photographs:     Michaela Bartoňová, Ralf Lücke

The Team:


Mark Pitman

idea, drawing on iPad, conception:

Michaela Bartoňová


Michal Kořán, Ralf Lücke

puppets, stage:

Michaela Bartoňová

acting, technics:

Ralf Lücke


Tineola Theater, Prag; Theater Rafael Zwischenraum, Berlin






Rafael Zwischenraum